Watch Our Pita Bread Get Baked
+A perfect size for a "hand-held" food that actually allows "bite size convenience" without wearing it!
+Our unique Pocket opens to provide endless recipe options, limited only by your imagination! - What's in YOUR pocket?
+This pocket has only 6 ingredients: Flour, Water, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Yeast and Malt. No additives or preservatives or artificial sweeteners - not even natural preservatives - resulting in a true home baked quality!
+Our pocket is uniquely shaped like - wait for it - A POCKET - not a boomerang! This shape acts as a terrific container to hold your sandwich ingredients firmly for a clean and easy to eat sandwich experience. Better Bread - Better Meal!
+Two wings on the top of each pocket fold inside the pocket to hold your ingredients in and to allow for the most mobile of eating habits.
+Our curved bottom spreads out liquids like salad dressing, or other condiments, to prevent leaking. Our Pita can take on 5 meatballs with sauce for 7 minutes without dripping!

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White Pocket
Pita Bread
Wheat Pocket
Pita Bread

Get AMOUN BAKERY on Your favorite Store's Shelves!

Look for our displays in your favorite store! If your store doesn’t carry AMOUN BAKERY, let us know and we will get to work on this right away. Our White Pocket Pita, Wheat Pocket Pita, Breakfast Pita, Dinner Pita and snack pitas like our Hot Dog Pita, Pizza Pita and Flatbreads should be available everywhere!

Featured Recipes

Amazing Chicken Pecan Salad Pita Pocket

Two sandwiches in 5 Minutes! In a bowl, mix up 12 oz fully cooked (and cold) diced chicken with 1 oz pecans, 1 oz Craisins®, 3 stalks of celery (diced) and 1/2 cup mayo. (For variety add 2 tablespoons sour cream and a little less mayo.) Coat each pocket with 2 oz of light mayo, add your favorite lettuce and stuff with Chicken Salad mixture. Makes 2-3 Great Pockets! Serve and enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers and use within 2 days.

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The Making of an AMOUN BAKERY

AMOUN BAKERY's proprietary process allows for only the ultimate quality in dough to enter our custom baking ovens at an exact speed, temperature and humidity to result in the Ultimate Baked Pita Breads, Flatbreads and Pizza Crusts! From there, we quickly cool and package our products to seal all of the flavor inside our premium packaging where it then travels to your local restaurants and grocery stores. So, whether you are sitting down for a meal with your family at home or dining away from home at your favorite restaurant, we are hopeful that AMOUN BAKERY will accompany this special occasion. Better Bread Makes a Better Meal! Start with Better Bread and you'll end up with a Better Meal! Guaranteed!

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